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> Aref Maksoud




Aref Maksoud-Architect.Faculty of Architecture – Damascus University – Syria.

Holds a Master degree in Genetic-BioDigital Architecture, March, at EsArq, Escola Superior De’Arquitectura, _UiC Universitat Internacional de Cataluña in Barcelona-Spain.

PhD Candidate, Escola Superior De’Arquitectura, EsArq_UiC .Spain.

Aref has worked for MAG since graduation and is responsible for all initial and final design aspects of projects undertaken by MAG.

Aref Maksoud is the principal of MAG LAB (Materials-Advanced Architecture-Generative Laboratory); a design LAB and collaborative research forum engaging the field of architecture via encoded and explicit processes.  An internationally renowned architecture and interdisciplinary design firm committed to innovative and contemporary design. The studio’s unique cutting edge research into CAD-CAM, computer aided digital design and fabrication technology, new materials and multi-media installations as applied to a range of diverse gallery installations.

Aref is also an authorized tutor by MCNeel company “Seattle – USA” to teach Generative tools: Rhinoscript, Grasshopper Rhino scripting.

He specializes in contemporary, digital parametric design and the use of Strategies and Digital tools in Architecture. With interest and knowledge in, biomimetic design, digital fabrication technologies.

He is an Assistant Professor at The International University at Cataluyna, Barcelona, Spain, and an assistant professor in Biodigital Architecture Master and PHD program ESARQ-UIC” Barcelona-Spain.

Has also lectures in architectural composition and digital architecture in 3d year at EsArq, Escola Superior De’Arquitectura, and UiC Universitat Internacional de Cataluña in Barcelona-Spain.

Aref has led workshops and studios most recently in 2010, Instructor of MAGLAB Creative Art workshop 2010 with Prof. Alessio Erioli (bologna university-Italy) at Faculty of Architecture_ AIU (Arab International University) in Damascus – Syria, Workshop title: “Creative Art-Spatial Experimentation-Brain Storming Ideas”

Instructor of MAGLAB Creative Art workshop 2010 with Prof.  Francesco Ducato(Stardust* -Spain, Italy, Brazil, USA)

At Faculty of Architecture_ AIU (Arab International University) in Damascus – Syria.

2010: Organizer of international architectural competition “ARC-Architectural research center”, related exhibition and events in Damascus, as MAG LAB (Syria-Spain) in collaboration with Ebdaat Magazine (Architectural Creations), ALFA 301 (Spain) and Stardust* (Spain-Italy-Brazil-USA).

His project was selected as a participant in the 2008 SIMAE International Conference and symposium in Barcelona, Spain.

His works has been mentioned in many publications. More recently in Biennale Beijing 2008 Book, (Im) material Processes – New digital techniques for architecture – the work (Flora) of Architect Aref Maksoud in “floral obsession workshop” at the Biodigital architecture Master ”ESARQ – 2008”. The catalogue includes the most developed projects in the 24 best architectural schools in the world. The project article edited by Aref Maksoud explaining the opportunities provided by floral conditions and describing the projects .The catalogue was edited by Neil Leach and covers the entire range of young practices exploring the realms of advanced architecture and digital design techniques.

2010: “Genetic architecture3, book edited by Alberto Estevez “featured Skyscripting research project by M. Arch. Aref Maksoud and Dr. Prof. Alberto Estevez

Most Recent Professional projects, Researches, Built and work in progress

Aref’s work experience in Spain-Barcelona, includes “Cloud 9 “, Enric Ruiz Geli, UK includes ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS, where he was the project leader for competition to tender documentation of Syrian team in Syrian parliament competition.

2010: Responsive wall-wind language, Research Project

2009: Participation with MAG in designing national war museum in national Competition-Syria (First prize), parametric digital control system development of the museum’s facades.

2009 Participation with German team and MAG team (Syria) in Planning and Urban Design the eastern park project (built project) “Damascus, Syria “System research and parametric scripting and designing the Silk Road (flower road).

2008-2009 Research Project: in collaboration with Dr. Prof. Alberto T Estevez, skyscripting project (biomimetic skyscraper in Barcelona Sea) Real time responsive and adaptable structural system. Real Time Prototype development, fabrication (CNC and Fiber Composite) and assembly. Including “microscopic photos of natural elements, Biomemetic Design, Transmaterials”.

Aref continues developing his researches and works in Barcelona – Spain, Damascus- Syria.

Contacts info

E-mail:  aref-m@mag-sy.com, maglab@mag-sy.com



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