Ephemeral Arts Connection 2012


The workshop invites all the people interested to express their creativity, sensitive to the themes proposed (scientists, engineers, architects, designers, artists, photographers, dancers, musicians, botanists, students…). Thirty people will be selected to attend the workshop, through the evaluation of the curriculum delivered. The knowledge of the English language is required.

To participate you are required to email to ephemeralartsconnection@gmail.com

#1 Brief curriculum in one A4 page

#1  Photo of you (10×15 cm)

#1  Portfolio containing no more than 5 pages A3 with sketches, drawings, photos, paintings and others. If you want you can also send videos (no more than 20 Mb or a link to YouTube, Vimeo or similar) or sound files (no more than 20Mb).

#1 A4 page in which you answer the question: Why would you like to participate to the Ephemeral Workshop?

Submission Deadline: 1rst of September 2012 (for a better organization send the application as soon as possible)

For european participants:

If the application is accepted by the Ephemeral Organization the participant will be asked to pay 300 € as a registration fee. This fee won’t be refundable.

Registration fee: 300 € (The transportation from your location to the workshop and vice-versa is not included).

NEW 2012: Thanks to the NEW AGREEMENT OF COLLABORATION between the EAC 2012 and the GiArchiT Association all the members of GiaArchiT will receive a discount on the registration fee. Only for them it will be 250 €.

For no european participants:

Registration fee: 400 € (included the visa management)

For the students from Middle Est and Africa the selections process will be lead and followed by MAG-LAB.Send your application to  maglab@mag-sy.com or deliver it personally to the MAG-LAB office at : Malki st.,Al Bezem, AL Khouli Bldg P.O. Box 33425 Damascus, Syria.

The registration fee includes the transportation for the activities of the workshop. Each participant will reach/leave the Ephemeral location at the beginning/end of the workshop with a self arranged transportation (if you need information about the simplest way to get the Ephemeral location please email to ).

At the end of the workshop each participant will receive an official certificate of participation from all the institutions organizing, supporting and collaborating with the Ephemeral. Academic credits will be associated to the workshop (07 credits in the ECTS – European Credit Transfer System).


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