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This new ensemble has its base in Tromsø, Norway, and has recently released their first album “RED SOUNDS WHISPER” recorded in no less than  OCEAN SOUND RECORDING at Giske (Norway)
together with engineer Henning Svoren. (Arcade FireOla Kvernberg, Farmers Market, Mark Olson). 

In the past year, the group released the EP IN DARK PLACES, recorded at Kysten Studio (Tromso), the EP was mastered by Mr.Chris Sansom at Propeller Mastering in Oslo.The band became fast a talking phenomen, especially in their home city Tromso, lately they have starting to grow fans around the world!

Per Kristian Olsen, Writer og Journalist i NRK says:

“The band is a sensation”

Nina Wester, incoming HT-sjef says to Nordlys:

“I have great faith in the performance artist and musician Marita Isobel Solberg. She creates so clearly her own peculiar and strange universe where she mixes fresh popculturalreferences with Sami myths and Japanese comics. It is dark, suggesive, feminine and beautiful – on a high artistic level.I’m really looking forward to hearing more from her and also her band projects,
“Mara and the inner strangeness” and “The Tom 

iTromsø’s Rikke Lange writes this:

“In Dark Places,” contains four songs that are over in just above twenty minutes – four very good songs. “A Dark Place” sets the standard from the first second. Think Nick Cave & The BadSeeds’ “Murder Ballads” My Midnight Creeps, Tom Waits at the end of the 70s, My Bloody Valentine and Grinderman mixed, spiced with vocals from Marita Isobel Solberg that sounds like a hybrid of PJ Harvey, Tori Amos, Lydia Lunch and Patti Smith. The result is dark drone retro rock, with one of the toughest female rockvocals I’ve heard in ages.”Tommy Olsson says about the album “RED SOUNDS WHISPER”-he Recommend us in Morgenbladet(newspaper)  July 13 to 19 and writes:

“Another object in my mailbox (I’m lucky with the letter and women-so it is). Red Sounds Whisper annex a musical gray zone somewhere between Kate Bush and Amon Duul II , kind of.Distinct female vocals and a sound that switches between reclining comfort and nervous unrest, but consistent with a threatening undertone that is all different aspects of the samenightmare, no matter how much they try to disguise it as relaxed easy listening. The songs are no less complex, some of them make me think of Belgian synthpop anno 1981, others give the impression of leaping from the type of smoing hippies could get them to perform 40 years ago. It’s not easy pop music. “

Mara & The Inner Strangeness is Marita Isobel Solbergs heart project which was on an early stage while she still went to The National Academy of The Arts in Oslo (KHIO 2002-2007). Mara & The Inner Strangeness are not only a band. Every show they do has it’s own unique atmosphere. Mara is a Crossover art/music project and in near future you can find threads from it inside art galleries, on consert stages, in theaters, in bookstores, on cinemas or on other more unexpected places.
Members was collected late autumn 2009/early 2010,
new musicians are sometimes invited to take part of happenings as they travel.

Mara had a special release on their first EP in Nov.20th 2010:
The first 100 special edt. CD’s with artworks from Yoshitomo Nara, Yngve Jørgensen, JEPE, Magnus Leirvaag Sandnes and Tor Erik Gorud.
The picture for the cover was made by the Japanese neo-pop artist YOSHITOMO NARA.

Further on the EP was printed on CD’s (february 2012) continued by a Limited EDT. on Black vinyl.

on own label


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