Ephemeral Arts Connection 2012



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MARITA ISOBEL SOLBERG born 1977 (NO), is raised in Manndalen in Northern Norway, lives and works as a musician and visual artist with Tromsø(Norway) as a base.
Solberg crosses artistic expressions and she useinstallation, sound, performance, photography and sculpture in her art. In a meeting between fantasy and reality, time, malice and naivety, she has an autobiographical undertone where she tells vivid stories through her work.
She finished her Masters in 2007 at the Academy of The Arts in Oslo and has since then been in residence stay at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan and The Watermill Center in New York (Robert Wilson) and participated in several art-related stay both in Italy, Japan and in France. October 2012 she have a residence at THE PERFORMANCE STUDIO in London. Solberg also has several artistic collaborators and collaborations projects like Mara & The Inner Strangeness (Tromsø), The Legendary Antler Sisters (Tromsø), The Ephemeral Arts Connection (Sicily) and The Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters (Taipei).

Nina Wester (incoming HT-manager and playwrighter) says about her:

“I have great faith in the performance artist, the artist and musician Marita Isobel Solberg. She creates so clearly her own peculiar and strange universe where she mixes fresh pop cultural references with Sami myths and Japanese comics. It’s dark, suggesivt, feminine and beautiful – on a high artistic level. “(Nordlys 02/01/2012)

Marita is now working full time with a major solo exhibition in 2014, and focusing on MARA & THE INNER STRANGENESS’ artistic expression. They released their first album
* RED SOUNDS WHISPER * in July 2012. Autumn will also be used to develop new performances and art projects.

MARA is becoming a trademark you will notice in both museums, galleries, theaters, books, comics and on concert stages in near future.

Solberg is chairman of RadArt (2012-2014), one of the members of the Artistic Council in SDS / SDG. (2010-2012)


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