Ephemeral Arts Connection 2012



Sandro Dieli, actor, mime, director, writer, drama teacher has studied with Marcel Marceau, among others, Anne Dennis (assistant of Etienne Decroux) and Lindsay Kemp. He worked with Peter Greenaway and Robert Wilson, with whom went on tour in the major international festivals. He directed and starred in the play “The House of Bernarda Alba” by Garcia Lorca at the New Theatre Montevergini of Palermo in 2010. He directed the show “LSU” of Alessandra Pizzullo for Palermo Theatre Festival 2009. He has written and directed many plays represented in Italy and abroad such as “Perbacco“, “Molo Nord“-Stories of Sicilian emigration to Argentina, ” L’amante di Baires

He has participated as an actor, among others, to the following films: “The Palermo Shooting” (Wim Wenders), “Empire” (Kim Manners), “Secret Passage” (Ademir Kenovic). He has participated as an actor in television series “Incantesimo“, “La Squadra“, “La baronessa di Carini“. Co-author and actor’s coach of the film “La Terramadre” by Nello La Marca, selected at the Berlin Festival 2008. Co-author and co-director by Nello La Marca of “Art Framing – Peter Greenaway talks about (his) art” (RAISAT ART). He is coauthor with Rino Pitruzzello and director of the television program “Librarsi“, awarded in 1999 as a the best television format at the Festival of the Turistic Cinema of Milan. Author of the documentary “Molo Nord – Stories of Sicilian Emigration to Argentina”, presented at the 2006 Taormina Film Festival, Buenos Aires, New York, Rome. He has published collections of short stories “Lungo le arterie del mondo” The short novel “Gas di scarico” and the novel “Lillo, Lollo e la Malafemmina” edited by Giulio Perrone Editore. Teaches mime, theatrical movement and drama.

He was born and lives in Palermo.


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